Next quiz: Thursday 26th March 2020, 20.15 (UK Time)

Hello there! I hope you’re all keeping well.

As this is our first try at a streaming quiz, we’re going to try a belt and braces approach this week and see what works.

Step 1: Assemble your team

A quiz is no fun without a team. I recommend using a video messaging service to give you something like the authentic pub experience. Zoom seems to be very popular at the minute, but I’ve been using Facebook Messenger video calls successfully with my family this week. Whatever works for you!

Step 2: twitch

I’ll be broadcasting the quiz from

Register for the site/download the app and follow the channel. I think you can select an option to be notified when the stream begins, but I’ll start streaming at around 20.15 on Thursday (UK time). The quiz itself will start at 20.30 and we should be done between 22.00 and 22.30.

Step 3: Answers

We’re really experimenting here to see what works.

I recommend you download and, if you can, print an answer sheet to keep track of your answers (click to download excel, word or pdf versions – the excel is the only one you can type directly into).

You can also nominate one member of your team to submit your answers to me via google forms. I’ll try to mark these as I would normally mark your answers in the pub. There’s a form for the first half here, and for the second half here. This might not work very well, so I urge you to keep a paper copy of your answers so that I can get you to mark at home (honestly – because there’s *really* no point in cheating now) if necessary.

If you have no printing, you can make your own answer sheet. Here’s the order of play:

First half (all rounds 10 questions):

Round 1: Pictures; Round 2: Ragbag*; Round 3: Sports, games and pastimes; Round 4: Pot Luck

Second half (all rounds 10 questions):

Round 5: TV, Books and Films; Round 6: Link Round; Round 7: Music

*I was really struggling for upbeat Current Affairs questions this week.

Step 3: Picture rounds

I don’t want to give you days of googling temptation, so I’ll post the picture round here and on mine and the Bod’s social media at around 19.00 on Thursday. I’ll make a pdf and some kind of image file for you to peruse. (Picture copyright holders: no infringement is intended, this is just a bit of fun to keep us going during the current crisis, and I’ll get rid as soon as we’re back to normal).

Step 4: Enjoy!

Why not set a picture of the Bod as your desktop image? Gorgeous place. Can’t wait to get back.

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