Next Quiz: Thursday 2nd April 2020, 20.15 (UK time)

Righty-ho. Here we go then. If you played last week, I’m making a few tweaks to iron out some wrinkles. If you’re new – welcome! Please read on for instructions.

Step 1: Assemble your team

Last week, people joined up with their teams via Zoom, House Party, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. You’ll need one window (or screen) for that and another for the livestream at

Step 2: twitch

I’ll be broadcasting via the aforementioned from around 20.15 UK time on Thursday 2nd April. It seems that you don’t have to sign up to watch, but you do if you want to take part in the chat (which might be useful if you want any clarifications on questions, or to engage in deliberate and malicious misinterpretation of my home furnishings). If you follow the twitch channel, you’ll also get a notification when I start broadcasting (for instance, I’m currently getting an email every darn time Richard Herring starts streaming).

Step 3: Answers – Please read, I’ve made a few tweaks

1. Order of play

I’m going to shift things around, as I felt bad about doing two pot luck rounds last week, even if one was cunningly disguised as ‘Ragbag’. The new round is ‘Are You Smarter than an 11-year-old?’ which will be 10 questions based on things the National Curriculum for England* expects children to know by the end of Key Stage 2.

I have made new answer sheets to reflect the new running order, which you can download here: excel, word, pdf. Again, the excel is the only one you can type directly into for reasons. I strongly recommend you keep a paper copy of your answers so you can mark your own score if things go awry. If you’re making your own answer sheet, the new order will be:

  • 1st half (all rounds 10 questions): Round 1: Picture Round; Round 2: Pot Luck; Round 3: Sports, Games and Pastimes; Round 4: Are You Smarter than an 11-year-old?
  • 2nd half (all rounds 10 questions): Round 5: TV, Books and Films; Round 6: Link Round; Round 7: Music Round

*or the locally-agreed curriculum for South Tyneside in the case of RE

2. Submit your answers via Google forms

Nominate one member of your team to submit your answers to us for marking (link to this week’s forms at the end of this section).

In an effort to simplify things this week, rather than creating a field for each individual question, I’ve made a form that allows you to enter all of your answers for each round as a paragraph. This is to a) reduce the number of elements that can go wrong, and b) give us less (fewer?) scrolling to do when we’re marking.

It would really help us if you could start each answer on a new line, and give the numbers of the questions for each answer – including questions you’ve chosen not to answer. Here’s an example:

Here are the links to this week’s forms for the first half, and for the second half. N.B. These are new forms with new links; we won’t see any answers submitted via last week’s forms.

Step 4: Picture Rounds

I’ll post this week’s picture round in a new post on this blog at around 19.00 (UK time) on Thursday. I’ll let you know via twitch and social media when it’s up.

Step 5: Enjoy!

If you enjoyed it last week, do tell your friends, and consider making a donation to the Trussell Trust if you’re in a position to. The more the merrier (until it becomes impossible to mark in a timely fashion).

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