Results Thursday April 2nd 2020

Thanks for playing last night folks, that was fun. Especial thanks to Lorna for helping me with the scores.

Here are the full standings (31 teams played):

= 1st (69 points)

Have we got a team name?

Day 10 of C*ckdown


Usual Suspects (68)


John-e Brackets (67)

= 4th (64)

The Dominoes

Social Quiztancing

Team Tyne Theatre


Southern Softies (63)

= 6th (62)

Febrile Benidorm Aubergine Stranglers

Roger Joins the Core

= 7th (60)

Hassta la Vista

Infinite Coke

= 8th (59)


The Great British Stay-in

= 9th (57)

Die Isolierten

In Bed with Rebel Scum

Gan for a Tab!

= 10th (55)


Pinky Where’s My Brain?


We’re Going to Win… April Fools! (54)

= 12th (53)

Covideo Killed the Radio Star

Number 8’s

= 13th (52)

Brunel’s Babes

Sages or Onions?


Pork in Isolation (50)


Quizzymodo (48)


Quararentin Quarantino (46)


Gigi’s Got a Brand New Tank (45)


Lunec Lads (44)

2nd last, and winner of the coveted Bodega Branded Wooden Spoon

Bodega Newbs (34)

Our Rock and our Foundation

Going Solo (30)

Same time next week if you fancy it. If you haven’t already and you’re in a position to, please consider making a donation to the Trussell Trust.

Check back here for next week’s answer forms. Picture rounds will be here from around 19.00 on Thursday 9th April.

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