Results: Thursday 9th April 2020

Thanks for playing! Same time next week. I’ll have a test of a couple of different ways of marking during the week, but I very much want to make it as uncomplicated and as authentically pub quizzy as I can, so we may well just keep it as is.

If you enjoyed it, and are in a position to, please consider making a donation to the Trussell Trust, the UK’s largest foodbank charity. I’m really touched both by how many of you are turning out, and how many of you are letting me know you’ve made a donation. Cheers!

Classified results, Thursday 9th April 2020 (44 teams started, 40 finished)


Men Without Hats (69)


Die Isolierten (66)


Wuhan Glans (64)


Mathsdebators (63)

=5th (62)

John-e Brackets

Team Tyne Theatre

=6th (61)

Southern Softies

Savage Gardiners


Rebel Bum (58)

=8th (57)

Social Quiztancing

The Last Avocado in Sunderland

9th (56)

Jarvis Cocker Ate My Hamster

=10th (55)

The Dominoes

Pink Dark Cow


Maundy, Maundy, so good to me

Quiz Benoit


All is Lost (54)

=12th (53)

The Broadway

Quiz on My Face

Reasonable Colander Manipulators

=13th (52)

Infinite Coke

Pangolin Soup

Quiz on your Facemask


Sages or Onions? (50)


My Little Ponies (49)

=16th (48)

We Forgot to Write Down the Answers

Hasstalavista Andy!

Usual Suspects

Novak + Good


Wuhan Wheelers (47)


Universally Challenged (46)

=19th (45)

Covideo Killed the Radio Star

The Sitzpinklers


Where the Chuff is Posy? (44)


Going Solo (38)


J2S2 (37)


Jimmy’s Beard Regret (34)

2nd last, and winner of the coveted Bodega branded wooden spoon

Les Quizerables (33)

Our Rock and Our Foundation

The Great Divide (27)

Lost in the aether*

Quarantin Quarantino, Team Bee, Lockdown Lovers, SSBB

*Did not finish/retired hurt

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