Results: Thursday 16th April 2020

Thanks again for playing! Here are the classified results from tonight’s quiz. 47 teams started, and everyone finished. We’ll mark the same way next week – I think it should be smoother next time.

If you can, it would be great if you could put a few a quid in for the Trussell Trust, the UK’s largest food bank charity.

See you next week!

=1st (66)

The Usual Suspects

Swab Jockeys

=2nd (62)

Brunel’s Babes

Quizin’ in your Face

The Useful Driveshaft Kissers

=3rd (61)

Infinite Coke

John E-Brackets

Mic is Ladder

Reheated Sharks

Sick as a Chip


The Mathsdebators (59)

=5th (58)

Beer View Mirrors


Die Isolierten


Skunkers (57)

= 7th (56)

Everything but the Flag

Quarantin Quarantino

Social Quiztancing

Swans? What Swans?


=8th (54)

Hot and Bothered

Quiz on my Face

Savage Gardeners

Shaka Quizlop

Team Tyne Theatre

=9th (53)



Only Smarties have the Answer

=10th (52)

The B’s and the Woo’s

the great divide

= 11th (51)


James’ Beard Regret

The Spectators


Shrek’s Angels (50)

=13th (49)

Alone Again Or Social Distancing

Eamonn Holmes’ Enquiring Mind

Let’s Get Quizzical



The Munch Bunch


Rebel Scum (48)

=15th (47)

MyMyMyMyyy Corona

Zippy, George and Bungle

Second Last, and joint winners of the coveted Bodega branded wooden spoon (44)

Going Solo

Les Quizerable

Our Rocks and Our Foundations (41)

It’s a Poppy

That B**** Carole Baskin!

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