Results: Thursday 30th April 2020

Thanks again folks. Once again, if you are able to put a few quid in for the Trussell Trust, that would be great.

Here are the classified results from this week’s quiz. 46 teams played, all finished. (1 team watched the recording of last week’s quiz.)

=1st (70)

Improper Yorkshire

Richard’s Sexual Moustache

=2nd (68)

John E-Brackets

The Mathsdebators

=3rd (67)

Clance Inc.

Far Canal

Professor Chris Willy

Usual suspects


Social Quizstancing (65)

=5th (63)

Die Isolierten

Don’t Stand Too Close to me!

It’s still real to Rebel Scum dammit!


Quaranteam (61)

=7th (60)


Rainbow Lovers

Savage Gardiners

=8th (59)


Team Tyne

=9th (58)

Dr Galapagos

Hypnotic Plastic Gobblers

Quizin’ your face

=10th (57)

All is Lost

Sages or Onions?

=11th (56)

Infinite Coke

Jane Fonda’s Workout Video


James’ beard regret (55)

=13th (54)

Brunel’s Babes

Magnetic Pie

the great divide

=14th (53)

Crash! Bang! Wallop! What a team name!

No Ashes Allowed

=15th (50)


Crochet Bras

kim jong un’s buying the toon

=16th (49)

Alone Again Or Social Distancing

Old Gods almost dead

Sick as a Chip


White Rabbits (48)

=18th (46)

6, possibly 7, children

A Team of Two Cities


J2S2 (43)

=20th (42)

Hot & Bothered

Let’s Get Quizzical

2nd last, and joint winners of the coveted Bodega-branded wooden spoon (40)

Covideo killed the Radio Star

Fear and Furloughing

Our rock and our foundation:

Covid crossfield and the Hart foundation (38)

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