Results: Thursday 21st May 2020

Hi, sorry for the technical hiccough there. Thanks for bearing with us. Think I just pressed the wrong button.

As ever, if you’re in a position to, please do stick a few quid in for the Trussell Trust. They do excellent work with food banks all across the country.

Here are tonight’s classified results. (48 teams started, everyone finished.)

Our notional jackpot winners in =1st place (70)

Clance Inc.

Quarantine age mutant hero testicles

In 2nd place, our imaginary beer token winners:

Far Canal (69)

And taking home the packets of sweets of the mind in 3rd place:

Die isolarten (68)

=4th (67)

Bee’s Knees

Team Tyne

The BG’s

=5th (66)


Too fast, 2 spurious


Usual suspects (65)

=7th (64)

Beer View Mirrors

Social Quizstancing

=8th (63)


John E-Brackets

keir starmer donkey farmer

=9th (62)

Infinite Lerts

MyMyMyMyyyy Corona

Sick as a Chip

=10th (61)

The Mathsdebators

Where is Ian?


Where is Ian? (61)


All is Lost (59)


Kim Jong Un’s buying the toon (58)

=14th (57)


Livin’ la vida lockdown

Mid-Glamorgan Glittery Knitwear Pontificators

Rainbow Lovers

Rebel Scum II: The Heretic


The Last Avocado in Sunderland (56)

=16th (55)

Let’s Get Quizzical

The MarsHalls

=17th (53)


Southern softies

Too Hipster for Radio 1

White Rabbits

=18th (52)

Brunel’s Babes

Splendid Self-Isolation

=19th (51)

Hot & Bothered

Lovely Cans

Magnetic Pie

=20th (50)

7 days late

Lager Lockdown Lads

=21st (49)

A Team of Two Cities

Quiz on your face!


the great divide (45)


Old Gods Almost Dead (44)


Crash! Bang! Wallop! What a team name! (43)

2nd last, and winners of the coveted Bodega-branded wooden spoon:

Dr. Bluto’s Mind Pretzel (42)

Our Rock and our Foundation:

James’ Beared Egret (37)

2 thoughts on “Results: Thursday 21st May 2020

  1. Hi Simon, can we get a recount for Rebel Scum please? Not to be a sore loser or anything but by my reckoning we should have got 65 points (unless I’ve got mixed up and put some answers in the wrong spaces 🥴). Do you still get five points for the correct link?

    Anyhow, thanks for keeping the quiz going in the challening and uncertain times!


    1. Hiya, I can’t go back and check I’m afraid. As I say in the quiz, I permanently delete everything as soon as I’ve made this post. I’m very happy for you to award yourself those points though – we’re dealing with a lot of entries pretty quickly, so mistakes will happen sometimes.


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