Results: Thursday 11th June 2020

Heyup, thanks once again for playing. If you are in a position to, please do donate a few quid to the Trussell Trust or your local food bank.

CONTROVERSY! A technical glitch at our end (i.e. a slip of the finger) awarded Farkinel more points than it was possible to score in tonight’s quiz in the provisionals. Having corrected this, Farkinel and Skunkers are joint winners. Congratulations (and apologies) to both.

Here are tonight’s classified results. 46 teams started, everyone finished.

Joint 1st, splitting the notional jackpot (72)

Farkinel, the artists previously known as…


2nd, taking home the imaginary beer tokens

Still No Ian (37)

In 3rd, winning the big bag of sweets of the mind

Bird lovers and bird haters (69)

=4th (68)

Cockless bubbles

Still mekkin’ me dinner

The BG’s

The Dominoes

=5th (67)



Usual suspects

=6th (66)

Alone Again Or Social Distancing

Clance Inc.

Quiz on your face?

=7th (65)


Bee’s Knees

Let’s Get Quizzical

RebelMania VIII

=8th (64)

James’ Beard Sweat

Social Quizstancing

=9th (63)

John E-Brackets

Mad Hatters Tea Party


Rainbow lovers (62)

=11th (61)


Bubble Gum


Should Be In The Pub

Sick as a Chip


Splendid Self-Isolation (59)

=13th (57)

Beckett’s posse

The MarsHalls


UsTwo (56)


A Team of Two Cities (55)

=16th (53)

beer view mirror

Hot & Bothered


=17th (50)

Locked down but not locked out

Sue Bridehead is a Saucy Minx


J2S2 (49)


Crash! Bang! Wallop! What a Team Name (48)


the great divide (45)


Magnetic Pie (44)

2nd last, and winners of the coveted Bodega-branded wooden spoon:

All is Lost (42)

Our Rock and Our Foundation:

Les Quizzerables (37)

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