Results: Thursday 25th June 2020

Hello there, thanks for playing even as the sun shone and Liverpool were winning the league in absentia.

As ever, if you’re in a position to, please do bung a quid (or more) in the direction of the Trussell Trust or your local food bank.

Here are this week’s classified results. 40 teams played, everyone finished.

In 1st, taking home the notional jackpot:

Do Your Shirt Up (Sex Case) – Panic! At The Disco (feat. Keith “Malik” Mayberry) (Radio Edit) (73)

In 2nd, winning the imaginary beer tokens:

John E-Brackets (70)

And in =3rd, gorging on the big bag of sweets of the mind (69):


Sick as a Chip


Clance Inc. (68)


Who is Ian (67)

=6th (66)



James’ feared pirouette

Rainbow Lovers


Usual suspects

=7th (64)

I Miss Pubs

It’s Always Sunny Inside

Social Quizstancing

=8th (63)

Down The Rabbit Hole

Let’s Get Quizzical

=9th (62)

Crash! Bang! Wallop! What a Team Name

downward momentum

Infinite Lerts

Quiz on your face!

The MarsHalls

=10th (61)

Alone Again Or Social Distancing

Popo Sausage

Splendid Self-Isolation

=11th (59)

A Team of Two Cities

The Dominoes

The Incredible Melting Rebel Scum


The knee less bees (57)

=13th (56)

Beckett’s posse

the great divide


Hot & Bothered (54)

=15th (53)


Magnetic Pie

=16th (52)

And the cat makes 3


In joint second last place, splitting the coveted Bodega-branded wooden spoon (49):

All is Lost

On Bournemouth Beach


Our Rock and Our Foundation:

Frankie says relax (ellipsis) social distancing measures (41)

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