Results: Thursday 16th July 2020

Heyup folks, that was another pleasant one. If you’re in a position to, please do donate a few quid to the Trussell Trust or your local foodbank.

Parish notice: The online Bodega Quiz will take place on Thursday 23rd and Thursday 30th July.

We will be taking one week off on Thursday 6th August, and are planning to be back with an online quiz on Thursday 13th August.

There’s still no official word on when the pub is going to reopen, or when we can get the quiz back in there as nature intended. I’ll keep you posted.

Here are the classified results for this week. 35 teams started, everyone finished.

This week’s winners, taking home the notional jackpot:

Fi 4 Mr Uppity 4 Eva IDST 2020 (71)

In =2nd, splitting the imaginary beer tokens (68):

Let’s Get Quizzical

The Dominoes

And in =3rd, tearing apart the big bag of sweets of the mind (66):

Alone Again Or Social Distancing


Rock Over London. Rock On Chicago. Rebel Scum, Breakfast Of Champions.


AMAC (65)

=5th (64)


John E-Brackets

Sick as a Chip


The Bees Knees (62)

=7th (61)

The MarsHalls


=8th (60)

Stop, drop, roll

Unusual suspects

=9th (58)

The Five Johnnies

You’re a quizard Harry!


The artists formerly known as Rainbow Lovers (57)


And the cat makes 3 (the cat is useless) (56)

=12th (55)

Grandpa Joe should be tried at The Hague

the great divide

=13th (54)

James appears upset

Social Quizstancing

=14th (53)

Wasp Assassins aren’t very vegan!

Winning the Wooden Spoon


Sam’s in the other room (52)


Thundertwunts (51)


J2S2 (49)


All is Lost (47)


We All Wear Cloaks (46)


Huawei with the fairies (45)


Beer view mirror (41)


A Team of Two Cities (38)

In second last, taking home the coveted Bodega-branded wooden spoon:

Florida woman pulls gator from her yoga pants during traffic stop (36)

Our Rock and Our Foundation:

Covideo Killed the Radio Star (35)

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