Results: Thursday 23rd July 2020

Heyup, thanks for playing!

Here’s the link to the Trussell Trust if you’d like to put a few quid in.

Here are tonight’s classified results. 32 teams started, everyone finished.

In 1st, taking home the notional jackpot:

Orchestral MIGoeuvers In The Dark (Bassoooooooooon) (72)

In 2nd, winning the imaginary beer tokens:

AMAC (71)

In 3rd, taking home the big bag of sweets of the mind:

Far Canal (69)


Beckett’s posse (68)

=5th (67)

Bees Knees

Let’s Get Quizzical


The Satanic Rites Of Rebel Scum (65)

=7th (64)


John E-Brackish

Kreme de la Kremilin

Will.I.Am 40

=8th (63)

Clance Inc en Espana

Person, woman, man, camera, tv (Ian)

The locally agreed RE Curriculum for South Tyneside

You’re a quizard Harry!!!

=9th (61)


Social Quizstancing

=10th (59)

The Doobidoos

Usual suspects

=11th (58)

Sick as a Chip

The Mathsdebators

The Spectators

=12th (57)

James’ weird and wet

The MarsHalls


Person, woman, man, camera, TV (Alan) (56)


And the cat makes 3 (bought the cat a rocking chair this week) (55)


UsTwo (52)

=16th (51)

Sam’s in the other room

the great divide


What Did Delaware? (49)

In second last place, taking home the coveted Bodega-branded wooden spoon:

indecisives (47)

Our Rock and Our Foundation:

I’m sorry you have to read these answers (40)

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