Results: Thursday 27th August 2020

Hello all, thanks as ever for playing along. Lovely to have you aboard.

As ever, if you are in a position to, please stick a couple of quid in for the Trussell Trust or your local foodbank.

Here are your classified results. 25 teams started, everyone finished.

Our winners, taking home the notional jackpot:

Does that include the cox? (72)

In 2nd, winning the imaginary beer tokens:

Usual suspects (70)

And in 3rd, gorging on the big bag of sweets of the mind:

John e-Brackets (69)

=4th (67)


Let’s Get Quizzical

=5th (64)



Mutant Algorithms

Rebel Scum Walk Among Us


Social Quizstancing (62)

=7th (61)

Alone Again Or Social Distancing

fer kurnel

=8th (60)

Locally Agreed RE Curriculum for Somewhere

Tallahassee Baton-Rouge


Rainbow lovers reunited (56)


Crash! Bang! Wallop! What a team name! (53)


The Mouse in the Teapot (52)

=12th (51)

James’ Feared Silloette

the great divide


Instrumental Only (49)


S&Em (46)

=15th (45)

All is Lost

Moustachio’d Stoned Whittling Cabbage

In second last, taking home the coveted Bodega-branded wooden spoon complete with hanging devices:

And the cat makes 3 (43)

Our Rock and Our Foundation:

Team Exhausted Parents (38)

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